Welcome to the Aerie

I spent over 20 years as Vice President of Corporate Strategy at IBM.  I learned a great deal about how global markets and digital technology really work.  I made my own modest contributions in that process including strategies that built billion dollar businesses in China, India, open source and Watson.  The information that flowed through my office every day was staggering.  It was a unique perch from which to see the world.  It was my Aerie.

I learned the modern world doesn’t work the way many believe.  Most of our socioeconomic ideas and debates are rooted in a set of 19th century paradigms that simply no longer exist, if they ever did.  We’re caught in conceptual traps that narrow our ability to see options and consistently blind us to the best paths forward. They also blind us to the realities of the struggles of so many.  They have blinded us to the crisis that exists in this country and that continues to spread throughout the land.

My intent with this blog is to open those apertures.  To set aside the haggard and tired “isms” with all their baggage and blind spots.  To show facts and analyze data.  And, to find the insights and stories that allow us to see a wider range of better choices.  Choices for all.

The topics span the spectrum of politics, economics, business strategies, and technology strategies.  Some will react to current events and debates.  Others will delve into historical or national comparisons.  All will be aimed at finding the compass headings that lead to better places, with better options, and better results.

It’s a vast stage, filled with dark corners and fabulous vistas.  Hopefully, I can help with the guideposts to see more clearly and navigate to greener pastures.